The implementation of the DIME-SHS project required the development of specific digital tools, to perform two roles: as a public interface with the instruments and as operational support for the activities. All these developments were made to measure by the DIME-SHS teams, though some tools received support from DRIS (Sciences Po’s Resources and Scientific Information Section).

Dime Web


    Web crawler and support interface for the creation of web corpora used to map web presence and hypertext links between web entities around a particular subject.


    A Web browser connected to Hyphe at all times, allowing to build and explore a web corpus while visualizing the pages of the websites so that the user can curate and categorize them easily.


    Tool for the systematic recovery of data from Twitter’s API (tracking of keywords, URLs, users, co-citation networks, retweets…).


    Tool for qualitative selection and categorisation of tweets.


    Command line tool written in python enabling its users to perform complex webmining tasks with ease.

    Google Bookmarklets

    Controls that can be added to the web browser to recover a list of results and metadata from a Google search in the form of data tables.


    An exploratory tool designed to construct semantic networks from the “See also” links present on many Wikipedia pages.

    Science Scape

    Interface for the exploration, analysis and visualisation of scientometric data exportable from Scopus and Web Of Science.


    A simple web interface that produces a display of a data table file in the form of a network.

    Graph Recipes

    A web interface that can be used to conduct analyses, calculate metrics and produce visualisations from network data.


    Access rights manager

    A web interface for creating accounts and managing survey access permissions (individually or in batches).

    Anonymised document viewer

    A web interface for viewing interview transcripts (speaking turns, stage comments, silence, etc.) using files previously encoded manually in XML-TEI on EXMARaLDA.

    Bibliography on qualitative HSS surveys

    A Zotero bibliography produced by monitoring the sharing, documentation and reuse of qualitative social science surveys.

    Explorer of survey materials

    A web interface that facilitates the exploration of survey materials through different filters (categories used in the classification scheme, timeline, geographical location of documents).


    Script for checking files generated by document digitisation: it checks the validity and format of the JPEG2000 files requested in the specifications.


    Script that converts the METS standard to JSON in order to make surveys available on the beQuali website.

    Qualitative survey classification scheme

    Developed from experience acquired in the handling of qualitative surveys, this classification scheme is divided into four levels (sub-group, folder, subfolder, and article).


    Script for checking files generated by document digitisation: it checks the validity and format of the PDF/A-1b files requested in the specifications.

    Teaching Resources

    A web interface to search for qualitative surveys materials to illustrate a social sciences methodology course (research methodology and survey filters).


    ELIPSS mobile app

    The ELIPSS mobile app is a tool that provides the panellists with access the questionnaires and allows the interactive mapping of multimedia content or photographic acquisition.

    Survey management back-office

    A web application for scheduling the distribution of surveys, in preproduction or production, and to track the progress of fieldwork using real-time statistical visualisation.

    Panellist management back-office

    Web application providing a one-stop support desk and panellist tracking. In particular, it incorporates response monitoring and multimode reminders (telephone, mobile alerts, emails, text messages, ordinary and recommended letter).

    Fleet management back-office

    A web application which provides the support desk with up-to-date information for use in incident handling (tablets and data subscriptions).